Posted by: nwseaport | July 5, 2012

Arthur Foss Revealed at Festival!

“Welcome aboard the Arthur Foss!” 

With dedication and elbow grease of many Northwest Seaport volunteers, staff, and board members, the National Historic Landmark tugboat opened for public boarding during the 2012 Wooden Boat Festival.  A January Portolan post informed readers of the winter cover to protect the tugboat from seasonal rains. The white plastic was removed one week prior to the festival to access areas needing some scraping and painting.   Today she is unveiled and serves as floating representative of the Northwest’s tugboat industry.

Prior to the festival, an image of the Arthur Foss graced The Seattle Times Entertainment section to inform readers about the wooden boat festival hosted by CWB and others.

“She looks great!”  festival visitors said as they stepped aboard the 1889 vessel.   Over 4,000 people explored her decks, engine room, houses, and bridge during the event which included a holiday celebration of July 4.

Staff and volunteers introduced a number of maritime skills demonstrations to the festival schedule.  The Northwest Seaport was honored to welcome marine surveyor, Lee Ehrheart, who demonstrated how to survey the tugboat’s deck planking. He’s pictured here showing participants the tools he uses and how he raps his hammer on the decking to feel/hear the decking condition.

Vessel Manager Nathaniel Howe and shipboard volunteer Troy Joey demonstrated the Man Overboard rescue to the delight of visitors (pictured below).  Nat provided insight to why tugboat crew members carry full immersion dry suits, and Troy expertly demonstrated how to slip into the suit, free-fall into Lake Union, catch a life ring, and swim to a ladder.  Northwest Seaport President Shannon Fitzgerald orchestrated a heaving line toss demonstration.  Vessel Engineer Adrian Lipp worked with volunteers to start the tugboat’s diesel engine, which enchanted onlookers with her smooth sounding and rhythmic nature.

The Center for Wooden Boats organized both a celestial navigation demonstration and a celebrated appearance of Pirate Lou for a pirate storytime.   Pirate Lou regaled shipboard visitors with entertaining tales and introduced families to Tugboat Storytime, which occurs regularly (2nd & 4th Thursdays at 11:00 AM) aboard the Arthur Foss.

Thank you to all who visited the tugboat as part of the festival activities and to the volunteers who shared their valuable time and energy with the visiting public.

Northwest Seaport looks forward to opening the ship for Tugboat Overnight Experience  and other programs as the summer continues.

Stay tuned at the Northwest Seaport Facebook Page.



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