Posted by: nwseaport | October 15, 2012

Nathaniel Howe to speak at CWB Oct 19, 7-10PM

The October Speaker at CWB’s “Third Friday Speaker Series” will be Nathaniel Howe with his talk  Devil in the Details: New research on the historic Swedish warship Vasa.

In the summer of 1628, the double gundeck Swedish warship Vasa was the most powerful warship in the world…until it sank fifteen minutes into its maiden voyage. Although unsuccessful as a warship, Vasa was intended to outclass every warship afloat, incorporating the most modern innovations in warship construction – innovations that dominated European naval strategy for the next several centuries, despite Vasa’s fate. Since the ship was raised in 1961, it has been the subject of intensive study. Today, archaeologists and maritime tradesmen have replaced the foreign spies of the 17th century, straining to note every detail of Vasa’s design and construction. Seattle-born nautical archaeologist, Nathaniel Howe, will give a presentation on recent research at the Vasa Museum. Howe has spent two years conducting research at the Vasa Museum as a Fulbright Scholar and an East Carolina University nautical archaeology student.

Support for the 2012 Third Friday Speaker Series comes from Three Sheets Northwest.  More information is available at this link.