Posted by: nwseaport | November 13, 2012

4Culture Awards Challenge Grant to Northwest Seaport

4Culture recently informed Northwest Seaport that its Board of Directors approved funding for the 2012 Landmark Challenge Grants Program!  We’re so grateful and wish to thank 4Culture and everyone who helped to secure the $25,000 grant.

The following is a summary of the Review Panel comments regarding Northwest Seaport proposal:

“The tugboat Arthur Foss is a National Historic Landmark which, together with its location at the new Lake Union Park Historic Ships Wharf, gives the proposed project good visibility and high public impact.  Systems repairs seem urgent given the expected increase in visitation.  Feasibility ranked especially high with the organization’s new paid staff on the job, and the demonstrated high standard of project planning.”

Again, Northwest Seaport is grateful for the funding and seeks to raise matching funds as soon as possible.  Please support Northwest Seaport on this vital project by making a financial contribution by mail or online (PayPal).